Gone For Good [Coben, Harlan] - JnBWMeJ6AW5d

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Pridané: 06. 07. 2023

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On October 17, eleven years ago, Julie Miller was found brutally strangled in the basement of her house in the township of Livingston, New Jersey. On that day, Will's brother, Ken Klein, became the subject of an international manhunt accused of the crime. He has not been seen since. Will has tried to get on with his life in the intervening years. He has a beautiful new girlfriend, Sheila, and a job working with the homeless. But when his mother reveals on her deathbed that Ken is still alive, and shortly afterwards Sheila disappears, the cracks start to show in his landscape again. But it is only when he finds that Sheila herself is wanted for a savage double-murder that his life actually starts to fall apart.

Väzba: Mäkká bez prebalu

Rok vydania: 2002

Počet strán: 392

ISBN: 0-75284-912-3 EAN: 9780752849126


3,99 €

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