Buried Secrets [Finder, Joseph] (Nick Heller #2) - aNArJeVVaWyE

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Pridané: 13. 09. 2023

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ick Heller returns in an explosive new thriller. When PI Nick Heller moves back to Boston to set up his own agency, he soon gets an urgent case even closer to home than expected. Alexandra Marcus - teenage daughter of hedge fund titan Marshall Marcus - has been kidnapped. But it's no ordinary kidnapping - and it's not even clear what they want. She's been abducted by professionals and buried alive in an underground casket. A video camera is streaming her desperate pleas live over the internet. With only a limited supply of food and water, her time is quickly running out. A close friend of the family, Nick is more determined than ever to catch the perpetrators. But when Marshall is arrested for fraud, Nick uncovers some powerful enemies and a conspiracy that reaches up to the very highest levels of government. Faced with opponents well-protected by wealth and position, Nick must play a dangerous game if he hopes to flush out those responsible before Alexa is buried for good.

EAN: 9780755342136

ISBN: 978-0-7553-4213-6

Väzba: Mäkká bez prebalu

Rok vydania: 2011

Počet strán: 468

Rozmery: 130 x 200

ID: 204289


3,99 €

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