Good As Dead [Billingham, Mark] (Tom Thorne #10) - 52krPgQjpWR7

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Police officer Helen Weeks walks into her local newsagent´s on her way to work. Little does she know that this simple daily ritual will change her life forever. It´s the last place she expects to be met with violence, but as she waits innocently at the till, she comes face to face with a gunman. The crazed hostage-taker is desperate to know what really happened to his beloved son, who died a year before in youth custody. By holding a police officer at gunpoint, he will force the one man who knows more about the case than any other to re-investigate his son´s death. That man is DI Tom Thorne.
While Helen fights to stay alive and the body-count rises, Thorne must race against time if he is to bring a killer to justice and save a young mother´s life.

EAN: 9780751544978

ISBN: 978-0-7515-4497-8

Väzba: Mäkká bez prebalu

Rok vydania: 2013

Počet strán: 522

Rozmery: 130 x 200

ID: 186725


4,99 €

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ID 52krPgQjpWR7