The Broken Window [Deaver, Jeffery] (Lincoln Rhyme #8) - kAdWNBYYnWgV

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Pridané: 13. 09. 2023

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StandardCompanies know everything about you. So does he. He knows you, better than you even know yourself. And he is using his knowledge to plan your death. But you are not his only victim. He is also watching your killer. He is about to get away with the perfect murder. Rhyme's cousin has been arrested for murder - and while the evidence clearly shows he did it, Rhyme agrees to check things out. All too soon the entire case is turned on its head when it turns out that his cousin, along with others, is being cleverly framed by a killer who knows far too much about his victims,

EAN: 9780340937242

ISBN: 978-0-340-93724-2

Väzba: Mäkká bez prebalu

Rok vydania: 2009

Počet strán: 516

Rozmery: 110 x 180

ID: 204287


4,99 €

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