The Somnambulist [Fox, Essie] - aNArJemPaWyE

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Pridané: 04. 09. 2023

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When seventeen-year old Phoebe Turner visits Wilton´s Music Hall to watch her Aunt Cissy performing on stage, she risks the wrath of her mother Maud who marches with the Hallelujah Army, campaigning for all London theatres to close. While there, Phoebe is drawn to a stranger, the enigmatic Nathaniel Samuels who heralds dramatic changes in the lives of all three women. When offered the position of companion to Nathaniel´s reclusive wife, Phoebe leaves her life in London´s East End for Dinwood Court in Herefordshire –” a house that may well be haunted and which holds the darkest of truths. In a gloriously gothic debut, Essie Fox weaves a spellbinding tale of guilt and deception, regret and lost love.

EAN: 9781409121190

ISBN: 978-1-4091-2119-0

Väzba: Mäkká bez prebalu

Rok vydania: 2012

Počet strán: 418

Rozmery: 130 x 200

ID: 186832


3,99 €

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